About Us


Sai Integrated Science & Commerce College (CBSE)

Sai Integrated Science & Commerce College is the manifestation to the true expectation of students from Odisha. The Concept and the very idea has really come from the secret story of succesfull students from KOTA, DELHI, HYDERABAD and many places from out side Odisha. In Odisha there is hardly any professional institute which takes care of both +2 and competitive preparation under one roof. It was felt by many parents that for students with an above average performance there is no true hand holding force  to transform their children in to a success story. So  the concept of true integrated education is really worked out at Sai integrated Science College. “Teaching, Coaching & Doubt clearing by same faculty under one roof” is our modus operandi. For performers to provide better support by national study material is our key to success. But we feel your search for the best will be an end if you appreciate our endeavor by putting faith on us.



Mrs.Gitanjali Senapati

Director’s Message….

We feel three factor are responsible for any student to be successful. Intelligence examination management and accuracy in writing are three factors which truly define a students performance. Coaching and doubt clearing may develop students intelligence but continuous examination in different types will definitely develop student examination management ability. At the same time in the tight schedule from morning 8AM to evening 8PM classroom, We can assure for a platform of high accuracy level. We hope and expect the parents to have faith on self, on their children and lastly on us.

A Few Words About Our Staff…..

We look upon the specialization as well as professionalism in our staffs. They are our patent for the subject. We assume for the quality with innovation in our techniques. Our teaching staffs are holding experiences in teaching from national level organisation.


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